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Online Gig – 28th May 2020 – The Internet

Thought we’d try and do a internet gig thing.

What happens when four people in different houses all try and play a live gig thing for twenty minutes in front of a video-conference audience?

Help us find out, this Thursday 28th may at 9pm BST.

Join the audience, or watch the live-stream. Or if you’re too square to be there, watch the recording of the live-stream afterwards.

Coming to you live simultaneously from four different rooms across London, Handsome Jack’s Showband present a live online experience you’ll treasure.

Get bragging rights, get a story for your grandchildren about how you were there, in the beginning, at the very first Handsome Jack’s Internet Gig, before it became a global phenomenon.

The show will be live-streamed here on Facebook-live, or join us in the audience room to cheer and heckle and have your beautiful smiling faces featured.

Turn on and tune in at 9pm on Thursday 28th of May for about 20 minutes of whatever this turns out to be like.

Audience-Room Link: https://meet.jit.si/jackaudience

Facebook Live Link: https://www.facebook.com/handsomejacks/live/

[You will want to pick one, not do both, Facebook stream will be on a 30 second delay]

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