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Online Gig – 21st June 2020 – The Internet

Do you like punk and rock songs played by four different people in four different rooms in four different locations from four different internet providers?


Do you like fun and excitement and adventure and really wild things?

Do you like to do them from your bed in your pajamas on a Sunday afternoon?

Then have we got the show for you!

Handsome Jack’s Showband’s Internet Gig Version Two is a Sunday afternoon one.

Come join us online and watch us play some songs from four different rooms around the city!

Join us without leaving home at 4pm Sunday the 21st of June 2020 at

Join the “stage” room to share your video and be a part of the show.

Join the “bar” room to watch the stream and chat together instead.
Watch the “stream” to just enjoy the mayhem without having to be a part of it.

Or wait until after and watch the recording. That’ll be a thing too.

Be one of the few people who can say “Yeah, I was there at version two! Just as it got good! Wasn’t at the the first one admittedly, but was still there before they really perfected it!”

Watch it again in the bar immediately afterwards. Some of the band might even join you. Maybe.

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