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Handsome Jacks Showband 2010 – 2021

Old Video Showcase

Dare at Chilled

Here’s us playing The Wedding Present’s “Dare” at Chilled In A Field 2015. That festival has grown into something awesome.

Up The Junction

Here’s us playing Squeeze’s Up The Junction at Planet Angel Chilled In A Field, summer 2011. A great little festival.

Fallen In Love

Here we are playing “Ever Fallen In Love (with someone you shouldn’t’ve)?” at Ryans Bar in November 2010.


Jacques Brel’s “Jackie”, performed at Dirty Dicks in Liverpool Street in May 2010


Check out the new video’s page to see the rest

Studio Recordings

Here’s a studio recording of our song “Deadman”.


In 2010 a well known record industry figure going only by the name “Handsome Jack” approached four stunningly talented artists and suggested to them that they help him implement The Plan. When they agreed, “Handsome Jack’s Showband” was born.

Since that time there has been much discussion both within the band and by external observers over exactly what The Plan may be and exactly who Handsome Jack really is. To our knowledge, Handsome Jack himself remains the only man on earth with any insight into these questions at all, and he’s remaining in the shadows, unwilling or unable to comment.

In 2021 Handsome Jack disappeared without trace, owing the band hundreds of thousands of pounds. The band are no longer accepting gig offers at this time.