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Internet Gig #4 – The Final Lockdown – 19:00h 27th March 2021

It’s been six months since our last online gig and the clamour for more has been undeniable so we relent under pressure: Okay we will do another online show! This could easily be the best online party of the what we’re all hoping is the “final lockdown”!

Join us!

People said the last few shows were too short, so we bring you a 50% longer show!

A full 45 minute set from 7pm on the last day before British Summer time, Saturday the 27th of March 2021.

Expect four people in separate bedrooms all around London playing with each other live. There will be guitars, keyboards, singing, drums and bass to entertain you with songs and jokes and graphics effects.

Thrill at the danger of the precarious knowledge that it’s a wonder any of this technology works and it could all fail at any time.

Maybe even a new song!

Nobody else is doing a show like this.

We bring back the well received “clap-o-matic audience-o-tron” crowd feedback system. You can cheer and clap and boo without even opening your mouth just at the click of your mouse.

The sound in the audience room should be *amazing* compared to last time so no need to head youtube for good sound, if you have a laptop you can join the audience and show us your face! Please do!

The bar chat-room will be open for you to chat to each other before and after the gig. Some of the band might even join you after our debrief.

Android/iOS machines will still be better off at the youtube link.

Either way, join us at 19:00 GMT on Saturday 27th of March, wherever you are at https://watch.handsomejacks.co.uk/

Sign up at our Facebook Event

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