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Up the Junction – Chilled In A Field – 17th July 2011

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

When we played at Planet Angel Chilled In A Field last month, Jack had told us to use playing cards to let the audience determine the track list. Was this some part of his plan or just the crazy whim of a lunatic?

It’s hard for us to judge, but the results seemed nice. Here’s Rob our cameraman picking a card near the end of the deck and getting Squeeze’s “Up The Junction”

Jackie – Dirty Dicks – May 2010

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Not the first song played, nor even the best of the night, our free video from the amazing Dirty Dicks gig is Jacques Brel’s “Jackie”.

Connection – Dirty Dicks – May 2010

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Our biggest patron this last week or two was Sye, a major man among minor men, a valiant warrior for freedom, who donated enough that we felt obliged to release the second video from our first gig.

Thanks Sye!

You too can be pointlessly name-dropped if you show us how much you like us in like, actual bankable currency.

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Turning Japanese – Dirty Dicks – May 2010

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

The Vapours did it better, for sure, but how did we do it? We did it like this: